Welcome to Behavioral Health Alliance of Rural Pennsylvania

  Contact : Administrative Unit (814) 826-2952


It is the mission of BHARP to… 
Create and maintain balanced representation from the MH and SCA Administrators from all 23 counties in the North Central Region.
Effectively and consistently elicit the full participation of the county representatives at the Central Governing Board and Executive Committee to identify and secure the service system priorities and needs of each county, region, and the membership as a whole.
Act as a full partner with OMHSAS and the BHMCO in the implementation of the HealthChoices contract in pursuit of a foundational and integrated rural behavioral health service system that emphasizes quality, equitable access, collaboration, and cost effectiveness.
To explore, develop and/or enhance specialized services for complex, high need populations through the workgroup structure.
To advocate for and develop the capacity to advance the philosophy and practices of recovery and resiliency in our rural communities.
The BHARP will accomplish this mission through the dedication, determination, and hard-work that characterizes its membership.


It is the vision of BHARP to…
Ensure that all individuals receiving behavioral health services in the North Central Region have access to a comprehensive array of high quality, cost effective, community based, and recovery-oriented services that maximize their potential for recovery.