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Housing Workgroup

The BHARP Housing Workgroup was established to assist the counties in meeting the needs of individuals and families across the 23 county North Central region. The workgroup is facilitated by the BHAU with membership from County Housing Coordinators, MH/ID Administrators, and representatives from OMHSAS.

The workgroup has identified several goals, including landlord recruitment, distribution of housing information, and increase public awareness of the need for affordable housing. These goals will support the long term goal to continue to increase available housing stock across the 23 BHARP counties.

BHARP initiated the workgroup in coordination with the development of their comprehensive housing plan that was written as part of the HealthChoices reinvestment initiatives. The housing plan targets affordable, permanent housing for adults with serious and persistent mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders and includes the following initiatives: Rental Assistance, Capital Costs for Housing Developments, Recovery Houses, and Housing Support Services. In January 2011 a Housing Coordinator was hired for the Behavioral Health Administrative Unit (BHAU) to assist in the development of these housing initiatives.