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Since implementation of the Healthchoices contract in January 2007, Community Care Behavioral Health has worked collaboratively with the BHARP to assure that behavioral health services are available throughout the 23 county region. With careful planning and diligent monitoring of the contract Community Care was able to recognize savings which could be returned to the contract in the form of reinvestment dollars. These reinvestment dollars can be used to develop new services and expand existing programs.

In order to determine how to use the North Central reinvestment dollars, Community Care spent time working with BHARP to identify priorities. The BHARP members looked at areas of need identified in each county through the county mental health/mental retardation and drug and alcohol planning process as well as feedback from individuals receiving services and families. BHARP and Community Care also looked at access standards, regulatory requirements and basic service system needs. Through this process 9 areas for reinvestment plans were identified. Those areas are, housing, psychiatric rehabilitation, targeted case management for Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol constituents, crisis intervention services, tele-psychiatry, certified peer specialist services, Hi-Fidelity wrap around services, and warm-line Services.

Through the housing plan we will expand housing options for individuals receiving behavioral health services across the 23 counties. Projects include implementation of several residential programs, housing support services, rental assistance programs and contingency funds. Additionally we will be adding 5 county based housing coordinator positions across the 23 counties. The psych rehab(PR) plan will allow for the expansion of PR services to assure there is sufficient access to this service. The PR plan includes funds for training to enhance the knowledge around delivery of PR services. Tele-psych programs will be added in 4 counties which will help improve access to psychiatric services. The targeted case management plan provides funding to expand forensic services, drug and alcohol mobile engagement services and Buprenorphine coordination services. There are also funds set aside in this plan to develop and implement a learning collaborative aimed at improving skills for providing services to individuals with Co- occurring mental health and drug and alcohol concerns. The crisis intervention plan will assist 8 counties in enhancing and adding mobile, walk- in and telephone crisis services. The warm line plan will help assure access to consumer provided telephone support services so that each county or joinder across the 23 counties has a warm line in place. The certified peer specialist (CPS) service plan will contribute to the expansion of CPS services across the 23 counties and includes a second learning collaborative which will transition to a peer run training forum within 2 years. The final plan was written to help establish Hi-Fidelity wrap around services in Northumberland County. This service is a relatively new evidenced based program aimed at children and adolescents and their families.

All together the 9 reinvestment plans total more than 8 million dollars and are targeted to serve well over 3500 individuals over 5 years.

Planning for future reinvestment dollars for the north central contract will be done utilizing the same collaborative approach. Individuals wishing to provide input into the planning process may do so through their local MH/MR or SCA office.